Rumorville:  Is Rafe taking a turn to the dark side?

Julian teases Alexis when she reacts to a close moment between Liz and Ric.
Alexis and Julian may soon end up making love?

Nik begins to have some doubts about Britt, but he witnesses a moment that plants him firmly on Britt's side.

Nik and Britt's engagement party will pack a punch...but not quite enough of one...yet.

When Maxie returns, she may not be alone.  This character is expected to be a comical.

Carly learns from Patrick the real reason that Robin left town.

Who is the source behind Ric's stream of money?

Julian and Ric discuss Ava's betrayal and make plans.

Julian expresses regrets about hurting Sam (re:Jason?).
Ric tells Julian they made the right move, that Sam and Danny are better off with Silas than Jason.

Ric learns from Liz about what has been going on in PC, including AJ's trial for Connie's murder and the intiitals, "AJ" drawn in blood. Ric puts the pieces together and blackmails Ava.
Ric orders Ava to create a fake paper trail for Sonny and Shawn to trace back to the Jacks family.

Luke offers his insights into Jerry and Julian's connection.

Sonny asks Carly for a favor.
A jealous Franco worries over Carly's lingering feelings for her ex-husband, Jasper Jacks.

Victor delivers disturbing news of Faison's disappearance to Dr. Obrecht.

Robin offers Sam not so subtle advice, but is soon interrupted.

Patrick wonders if  he and Robin have been played.

During an exam, Patrick asks Luke for information on Victor Cassadine.
Luke warns Patrick that Victor despises Robert. He advises Patrick to steer his family clear of him and all Cassadines.
Victor intercepts Patrick's frantic message to Robert and leaves Patrick with a warning.

After Morgan takes is shot, Sonny receives a phone call from... Johnny Z.

As with everything in Rumoville...believe it....or not!