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Fun Trivia : Return to The Dead Man's Hand A "General Hospital" Quiz

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The Dead Man's Hand A "General Hospital" Quiz

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The Dead Mans Hand A General Hospital Quiz game quiz
"This quiz is all about the dead man's hand storyline on "GH". All of the questions have something to do with these infamous cards."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the legend of 'The Dead Man's Hand', who is said to have been holding the cards when they were shot and killed?
    Jack McCall
    Wild Bill Hickok
    Calamity Jane
    Lew McCall

2. Who originally owned the cards?
    Edward Quartermaine
    John Jax
    Jasper Jax
    Faith Roscoe

3. The dead man's hand included five cards, aces and eights in both clubs and spades were four of them. What was the fifth card?
    King of diamonds
    Queen of hearts
    Jack of diamonds
    Jack of hearts

4. Jax found out Sam's last name was McCall by looking at her driver's license.

5. Who showed up at the masquerade ball and performed magic tricks with the cards, later inviting certain individuals to an auction?

6. After the auction everyone was suddenly overcome by gas that was being pumped into the club. Someone snuck in and stole the cards, who was this person?

7. Who did Dillon steal the cards from?

8. Skye sabatoged the car Jax and Sam were using to take the cards back to John.

9. Feeling guilty about John's death, Sam wrote a letter to Jax and sat it on his pillow along with the cards. Tracy came in, stole the cards and later tried to become partners with Jax. What kind of business did Tracy want Jax to invest in?
    Answer: (One Word)

10. Who gave the cards to a homeless man?

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Excerpts of an Interview with Finola Hughes and Kimberly McCullough

Tristan Rogers and Emma Samms are also heading back to Port Charles. What sort of trouble are you going to get into?

McCullough: Don’t you mean Tony Geary as well? He’s always a troublemaker.
Hughes: Luke and Holly get up to a little bit of trouble. And then I reunite with my ex-husband and we have some things to deal with, discuss talk about.

Kimberly, you have made it known that you will be leaving “General Hospital” soon. Can you talk about how you will be leaving Port Charles?

McCullough: No. Sorry. You’ll just have to watch. It happens very soon… It was sort of a difficult task, I think, to figure out how I was going to leave the show. I think a lot of the fans loved the couple of Robin and Patrick (Jason Thompson) and don’t want to see them break up. They’ve been through so much so, what do you do? I actually ended up staying on the show six months longer after my contract [expired] just so we could figure that out because I care so much about these characters and their legacy and also what Patrick will have to deal with after Robin is gone.
Hughes: She is such an integral part of the show and your story over the years and how it developed from being this child growing up into having a very significant place in the fabric of [Port Charles].
McCullough: There was that but I also think that Robin is a symbol of a very special time on the show also. Because I was the kid who was kind of brought up in all that when it was Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane and Luke. It was such a great time. I’m sort of the product of that era.
Hughes: And you have really nice hair.
McCullough: I try to wash my hair frequently.

General Hospital has a new headwriter and a new executive producer. What can you say about the show’s new direction?

McCullough: It’s hard for me to leave, to be quite honest because there’s this new juice on the set.
Hughes: It’s a rebirth. Frank’s just amazing. He really cares about the details and the broad strokes. That’s a really amazing talent to have. Not a lot of people have that.
Hughes: It’s a lovely combination. He’s worked so many years with his headwriter, Ron [Carlivati]. I think together they’re dynamic and Frank is one of those people, he’s very hands on and he’s on the set. That’s how Kimberly and I both grew up working that way. Gloria Monty was very much like that and she was on the set. So it was this one vision in an ensemble show because you obviously have an ensemble cast and you have many writers and a handful of directors. So that’s a lot of people’s visions. I think to just have one person leading that and having a solitary vision is very powerful.