As written by GHH member, genhos63

It has been a few weeks with a new head writer and I decided it was time to comment from an agenda-free point of view.  I don't root for any couple in particular.

First, Alan Q looked fabulous, healthier and younger, Obviously, Stuart Damon has taken some time to concentrate on himself and his family, I wish he could come back full time.

I was thinking that one of the reasons couples have come and gone so quickly in the past few years was because stories were plot driven and things happened too fast.  I remember Luke and Laura spent three or four months on the run chasing down the left handed boy and the consummation of their relationship took that long as well.  I would like more romance between couples not necessarily sex scenes, although some skin is nice to see from time to time.

Right now we have Jason and Sam's wedding as well as Jason in the hospital and Kristina as well.  This makes for a nice combination of characters, conversations and interactions in the hospital.  We get to see Sam and her family, Molly and her sisters, Alexis and her daughters, Michael with Kristina and with Jason.  It flows well and although I am not a big fan of JaSam, I can appreciate that they are heading for a long-awaited wedding.  All this talk of Jason coming back as a different person makes me hope that a change will be coming in his future.  The fantasies were very soapy to me and gave us insights we wouldn't otherwise have had.

Michael finding his place in Sonny's world and working at the warehouse is an interesting turn of events. Abby and Michael have some good moments, although I think they are better friends than lovers.  Abby and Johnny have potential and their friendship is a nice touch it might go somewhere.tio

Anthony is great running around town and I like that Tracy has a story even with Luke out of town.  As a long-time viewer I have often wondered about her ties to organized crime, and I am glad that we are seeing more about that.  Anthony is good as a foil to Sonny's children and he does provoke reactions. 

Skye's return this time has been well written even though Garin had to make her penniless again and negate the previous return, which was so poorly handled.  Skye has interacted with Ethan, Johnny, Tracy and Edward so she is well connected and her story is moving other stories along.

Sonny losing his mind and not taking his meds is good only if we see some change in his life, Carly and Alexis have been good reacting to the events of Jax's disappearance.  Maurice is a great actor but he can't keep going off the deep end and finding another love of his life, I am hoping that in a character driven environment we might begin to see Sonny take responsibility for his actions.

I know some think that things are going too slowly, and being a long time viewer I know soaps use to spend one week on one day pretty regularly then they would jump ahead, I don't have a problem with that.  I like to see situations from different angles and enjoy the conversations that make us see the characters motivations.

So I know I have not addressed all of the characters or stories that are ongoing now.  For example Matt and Liz and Maxie, and Dante and Lulu, good stuff, and Spinelli, terrific.  We are seeing more people on GH and understanding them better.  I think that couples will stay together if they are given something to do as couples.  Robin and Patrick can be married and work at the hospital, there is plenty of conflict there for any couple.  Egos and ambition create conflict.

This is too long, but I for one am enjoying GH looking forward to the next few months and expect great things in the new year.  Welcome back GH, we've missed you.