As written by GHH Member, TVacademic

I actually think--as horrid and heart wrenching as it is--that the Jake story that's playing out represents the power of soaps at their best. These three parents are so much a part of our daily lives that we ache with and for them, and these actors, who get so little respect in the greater world of television, are knocking it out of the park. In fact, Rebecca Herbst is doing such a superb job injecting reality into the high melodrama of a soap that her performance reminds me that the other people in the scene with her are mere actors. And that's not saying they're bringing less than their best; she was just that great today.

But the secret to a fantastically horrible and messy story is that there's a mess to deal with. That life is unpredictable and sometimes unbearable. We don't ask for this often in our soaps--we use it as a getaway; however, it's the job of a good team of producers and writers (and occasionally directors--the Cinderellas of TV) to remind us that our connection to the people on the screen is a little deeper than mere entertainment: they are part of our lives.

So this clean set up of "Joss needs kidney/Jake has kidney" is a really hard pill to swallow. It not only fits too neatly--it steals power from two other characters: Carly and Jax. Every time the scene cuts to them and their plight, I feel a little less horrible than I did a moment before, when Elizabeth and Lucky and Jason were losing their son. In short--the Joss story adds too much melodrama into a rare and heartbreaking moment of verisimilitude.

I don't often want to forget I'm watching a soap when I'm watching GH--it's genre is a large reason why I watch. But today I wanted to just wallow with these characters that I spend my days with. I wanted theirs to be an asymmetric world where things happen without reason because the actors were telling me that's what they wanted to portray. The perfect circle of Joss and Jake doesn't really feel like terrible irony to me right now--it feels like the thing trying to make me think that the emotions I'm feeling are a little ridiculous.

And I don't really feeling like confronting that right now.