As written by GHH Member TVAcademic

One change that [new headwriter] Garin Wolfe has made to GH (perhaps "change back" is more accurate) is a conscious effort to throw the characters into a different mix. Sometimes, this can merely yield a passing phase; other times, it's alchemy.

I'm not sure what came first--chicken or egg. Did GW plan to draw out a friendship between Matt and Elizabeth from a story standpoint, or did he throw them on screen together a few times and find that they had chemistry? Whatever the answer, I'm surprised to be enjoying this turn of events. And now, because of this mix-and-match of characters who were previously pent up like veal (imagine the Elizabeth of a year ago, standing around the nurses' desk, waiting for slaughter; or Matt, less visible than the Invisible Man) are now contributing a fun mix of both levity and depth. This expansion of the canvas also helps muddy the waters of our expectations: whereas we once assumed the inevitability of a Liz/Lucky reunion, we now may pause.  Perhaps this Matt thing could derail that (not forever, I'm sure, but in the short term) and take these characters in new and unexpected directions.

And this is just one example of this trend--there are others--and I'm sure there are more to come. Complexity of character, as I've said before, is fundamental to weaving compelling stories, and at the core of finding complexity lies a willingness to play. I'm glad that GW is game.