As written by GHH member, Shayla

Sometimes it's just the little things that get to me. Yesterday, when Michael was sitting all alone at Kelly's, it broke my heart. I couldn't help but reflect on his childhood and all he has been through. My anger and disgust runs deep for all the adults in his life (and some have been and are my favorites) but I feel they have, and are failing Michael now. I remember all the lying and fighting between Sonny and AJ and Carly and Jason and the Quartermaine's and look at Michael now. He is all ALONE! You can see it on his face, how sad and lost he is.
I resent that right now Carly and Jason and Dante and Sonny are all about Brenda (I like her and her story) as far as Michael is concerned. They are all too busy with that to be there for Michael when he needs them the most. I resent that Michael is so embarrassed, thanks to Sam, he no longer feels he can go to Jason's penthouse! How sad that Michael has to go to Jason's in the first place. How about Jason just going to get Michael and taking him out for a soda; this boy needs to talk and it is taking away some of my Jason love right now. Where are his grandmothers--Bobbie and Monica? Bobbie was always there for the younger cast in the past, but not one scene with Michael. I am most disappointed in Jason and Carly. Jason should have told Carly what he believes happened to Michael, and Carly should know there is something seriously wrong with Michael instead of being jealous of Brenda.
Yesterday for the first time in a long time I liked Spinelli again, I had forgotten that side of him. I was glad he went to sit with Michael and listened.