As written by GHH member, genhos63

As a long time viewer and fan of GH, I always try to look at the big picture.  I don't get that invested in individual characters and surely have given up on couples that come and go so quickly.  I have to admit that the writing tends to blow things up for no reason without any thought to how it will be perceived in a few months, forget a couple of years.

That being said, I must say that lately I have seen some positive signs.  Of course, the introduction of Abby was poorly done and once the actress showed some spark with Michael the writers appear to have changed midstream and are creating a friendship and relationship which is enjoyable to me but I have to sort of forget the first scene and Sam's poor judment [regarding] what Michael needed.  I know some think she is too old, but that doesn't bother me because mainly I don't check actors ages in real life.  Becky Herbst was an adult and Jonathon Jackson still a teenager and I loved their love story.

I enjoy the Balkan, I like that he was introduced in a hospital story, is suing the hospital, working with Diane and Alexis and causing problems behind the scenes.  The actor is great and the potential is endless... 

I like the connection between the Michael cover up and Dante covering up for Brenda.  Unfortunately, I don't think the writers knew about this at the time of Michael's crime but it would be interesting to have it addressed now.

Lisa moving into Johnny's orbit brings an interesting dimension to her character and there is a spark between them.  A slightly shady doctor could be the role for her...

The Spencers and the wedding [had] some great scenes, Brenda [interacted] with her god daughter. I am enjoying Luke and Sonny sharing scenes together and [enjoyed] all the interaction around the wedding planning.

And I know it seems weird to say this since so many extras have [been "offed"] in this story but I don't think GH has been as [mob oriented] lately, not sure why but it seems more character driven these days.

So to sum up, I am finding myself interested in people and things happening.  Sure I would like more Brenda and Robin, more Liz and Steve and more real conversations but I must say that every day is different enough that I am finding more to enjoy.  Note I didn't mention Sonny and Brenda, I find her to be so fragile when she is around Sonny that I wish he would notice and maybe step back and give her space; she is regressing so quickly I expect her to be in Shadybrook before long.