As written by GHH member, Aster

I see alot of rants about Guza and his story/writing.  I have to say I am enjoying this [Balkan] story quite a bit.  It has lots of twists and turns plus everyone is involved in different/unexpected ways.  From what we see in the spoilers [without getting specific] the revelation of the secrets will affect pretty much all of our couples from the obvious Sonny/Brenda/Claire and Dante/Lulu to less obvious Jason/Sam, Jax/Carly, Lucky/Liz/Irish lass and (I think) Patrick/Robin/Lisa.

From my point of view, Guza is doing pretty well...

...In my opinion spoilers, message boards, comment lines, web sites, etc have changed expectations for some.  Back in the day writers wrote what they wrote and viewers either watched or they didn't.  Now it seems that some viewers want to have a say in what story is written.  Perhaps that is where serial dramas are headed.  I actually still prefer to let the writers tell me their story.  Many times I am surprised that what they write is better than what I thought I wanted.  A current example would be when Jonathan Jackson came back.  I thought I wanted Liz and Lucky, but I really liked the Ireland story and would be happy to wait a long time before seeing Liz and Lucky get back together.