As written by GHH member, Princessvespa

Wow! There is soooo much that I love about GH these days:

Robin and Patrick with a great soapy front burning story!
Tracy and Luke and some FUN!
Brenda and Jason in any scene together and their complicated, amazingly hostile friendship!
Sonny, I can't believe I like him again!
Liz is back!
Carly going crazy over Brenda! Love it!!!!!
And not the least of which......LUCKY!!!! He is FINALLY able to get some action and RESPECT!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE JJ!!!!!!!
The amazing integration of the Brenda/Balkan story line, it's sooo good to have the action/adventure include almost everyone.
GH is almost like the GH of yesteryear, almost.

I'm a happy camper these days.