As written by GHH member shayla:

I consider myself more of a Carly fan than AJ fan, but as a Carly fan, she absolutely used Michael as a pawn when she was trying to destroy her mother's marriage to Tony Jones, and lied to both Tony and AJ. AJ did many awful things, he was weak, cruel and selfish and I will never excuse him. I don't think anyone could ever try and pass him off as a saint. Certainly the Quartermaine's were never written as saints, their faults were always on display, and made fun of-- well minus sweet and perfect Emily. RME. In spite of his imperfections, I considered myself an AJ fan. I get that some hate him, but I am not one of them. Just as I don't hate Carly as some do for the things she has done. I wanted AJ to pull himself together and be a better man. The heavy handed writing made me livid. I hated how AJ (among many other characters) had to fall on their knees for Saint Jason and Saint Sonny! I never forgave Jason for handing over Michael to mob boss Sonny! It still makes me sick that Sonny hung AJ on that meat hook. I never found that amusing, even on a soap there are certain things I find disturbing and that was one that stands out to me.

I blame AJ and Jason and Carly and Sonny for the misery and pain in Michael's life. All are at fault and all did him wrong. Michael grew up watching Sonny explode and call his mother vile names, and would have temper fits non stop and throw things. Michael grew up watching the very dark sides of Sonny and that life, and watching all those he loved worshiping Sonny. Michael as a child felt he could buy off people and tried to buy off daddy Sonny's mistresses. How many times did Sonny use the children as pawns and as a way to punish Carly when she dared step out of line? Carly and Jason did serve Sonny, and their loved ones paid the price for that. Poor Michael was a mess as a kid. This boy never got what he needed, he was given what others thought he needed. Michael is surrounded by people who don't respect him and who lie to him. Kiki is on that list. He needs to cut her loose. I don't care that she loves him, she has no respect for him.

I am so glad that Michael was disgusted that Sonny had sex with Ava at AJ's and the Quartermaine family final resting place (until Ron Carlivati brings them back to life, that is ;-))  I hope Michael will be the better man and prove them all wrong and be a strong and successful man. I hope and think he will forgive Carly in time. I don't want him to be like Morgan who is back to drooling over daddy dearest. I'm really disappointed with the lack of a Dante/Michael relationship. :-(  Dante telling Anna that Michael has a bad temper he tries to hide as they both stood there and shrugged it off... epic fail scene, in my opinion.

AJ did not push Carly down those stairs. It was an accident. Carly drugged AJ on purpose, she was not innocent in all this, she was cruel to AJ in the early years. One thing that I will never forgive AJ for was making Carly (as played by Tamara Braun) think Michael was dead. I can still hear her sobs at the police station. This is where my Carly struggle begins, yet after that Carly has sex with AJ all these years later. WHY? HOW? WTH?

Mama Bear Carly also had sex with and brought Franco, the most evil of them all, to her children and didn't care how that made them feel. Franco with malice and purpose hurt Michael and Joss and put them in danger, never mind what he did to her BFF, all the spinning now won't change that. She didn't consider Michael's feelings when she was propping Franco. She was ok when she was having sex with him but now that he blew up her world, she throws it in Franco's face, makes it even worse seeing her do that. OY. I hate this mess.

Sonny told Carly he would kill her when Olivia (his true love at that moment) was in the hospital and after everything, here she is having sex with him too. Why? Sonny tried to take her children away from her many times over the years, called her filthy names and would shame her for a kiss with another man, but he could sex up almost every women in Port Charles. He dragged her through the mud, moved in his pregnant girlfriend across the hall from her. So Why, Carly, Why?!

Of course AJ was awkward as a father when he returned. Maybe he didn't know how to behave as a father-he was heartbroken upon finding out about Michael's rape in prison-that was written all over his face. He knew he failed Michael and was not afraid to admit it but at least he tried to give Michael what he needed not what he thought Michael needed. I thought he was doing really well at trying to build their father/son bond, which takes time to build.  Nobody will ever convince me that AJ didn't love Michael. Michael didn't have a relationship with him when he came back because he was forced to, Michael wanted to get to know AJ and grew to love him. They were working together and they had built a relationship.

Michael spent his childhood taking care of the adults in his life... I guess in this situation, I see them all as wrong, and Michael paid and continues to pay the price for that. He has a heavy heart. Makes me sad.