As written by GHH member, ghdiehard

I have been a GH lover for a seriously long time. And though GH has always had it's serious drama, there were times when people laughed, cheered, had parties, enjoyed each other and when couples were in love and shared a, smiles, happiness. I don't see any of this anymore. Really think about it. What storyline right now makes you smile, makes you laugh? Every single couple on GH, has angst. All of them!  Every storyline is sorrow, misery, death or life threatening. Every one of them!  No humor of any kind, or gentleness of any kind is thrown into the mix.

You watch Jasam, and what do you see: tense conversations, about death and The Balkan--no lightheartedness. Jax and Carly: tense, serious conversations about Brenda, now Jerry, no fun stuff thrown in. Robin and Patrick: nothing but misery. Dante: going through his own kind of hell, his days with Lulu are tense, his mind wandering.  I cannot remember one conversation or one scene when there was genuine lightheartedness on this show. Everyday is the same as the last, only the players change on our screen. I realize soaps are 80% drama and 20% comedy, but this is constant. (
I'm sure several of you feel Spinelli is the fun part of GH; I personally just find him irritating...).

If this were real life and our lives and relationships went like they go on GH,  I think we'd all (in the words of my dear departed grandmother), "take the gas pipe".  So I say, lighten up!