As written by GHH member, lcarey20

I agree with everyone who feels that this storyline is rushed (because it is!).  There just isn't the impact for us to be involved in Joss' illness. It looks like it's going to be over in a blink of an eye, her "cure" is there in the form of poor little Jake's kidney.

I thought Rebecca Herbst was phenomenal on Friday and today. She looked to me like a mother who was shattered and desperately trying to hold on to hope that her little boy was going to make it.  A mother who was wracked with guilt although she did nothing wrong.  Her face today broke my heart (I cried most of the show).  She looked drained, exhausted, broken, lost and just unspeakably sad.  I thought her portrayal was spot on and I can only imagine what kind of acting we will get from Rebecca once the anger kicks in.  Right now, Liz is lost in pain and the images of her little boy who only hours ago was playing with his cars.

Jonathan Jackson was spectacular.  That man had me sobbing with him!! I would like Liz and Lucky back together at some point but I don't hate Siobhan either.  I'm glad Lucky had someone who he could lose it with.

I wish they would have had Lulu stay though.  I thought Lulu was very believable as a concerned sister.  Just because she doesn't care for Jake's mother doesn't mean she didn't love her nephew.  When bad things happen, family comes together.  I would have been disappointed if they didn't have Lulu and even Nikolas show up for Lucky.  Her conversations with Luke and Tracy were very real to me as well.  It seemed like they were suffering from shock, disbelief.  Which is how many react in a horrible situation such as the one being played on our screen.

I thought that Sam leaving the hospital was strange.  I understand there was complicated history but jeez, how could she leave him like that?  I get that she was trying to do what she could to help in a way she thought she could.  But it seemed out of character to me for her to not be by Jason's side.  Plus, it seemed like with recent scenes they were showing Sam's true acceptance of Jake as Jason's son and the weirdness and bitterness and all of that was in the past at least they were portraying that in Jason, Sam and Liz's actions.  She did have tears in her eyes when she first saw Jason.  I felt like it was kind of a plot point to have Jason alone when Carly came to him.

I love Carly and I know where she was coming from in her concern for her daughter.  And I'm sure the urgency she felt was that Lucky and Liz were already talking to Patrick about organ donation so she doesn't want Josslyn to be passed over.  But I blame the writers for the way they had Carly handle that.  I so wanted Carly to just hug Jason before she said anything.  Laura Wright is a fantastic actress and I could see the pain and disbelief on her face that she has to ask her best friend such a tragic question in a horrific situation.  But they had her jump right in. Couldn't they have given us a minute to process?

Jake's accident and Josslyn's illness are two powerful hospital stories that involve much of the canvas.  I would have liked them to have had their own individual time and attention before being thrown together.  Instead, we had two days of two potentially awesome stories showcasing wonderful actors and actresses that were rushed through to get to the "Who hit Jake?" part.  This story had so much potential and so many things that could have been explored.  I'll end with what I started with.  You guys are right, it was too rushed.