As written by GHH member, TVmom101

Overall, I do not enjoy Epiphany.  It bugs me to no end how she orders doctors around.  Just ONCE, please, I want someone to put her in her place.  I thought she was terrible how she greeted Elizabeth.  That was completely unnecessary.

Maxie and Spinelli:  Good grief.  Do we seriously need Spixie, part two?  First of all, unless they are going to re-write Spinelli into a more mature character, then this version of Spinelli does NOT belong in any kind of romantic relationship.  I don't root for 12 year old children to be in romantic relationships, so there is no way I can root for Spinelli to be in one.  Maxie, over the last few days, has been almost worse.  Her intention might be good, but she is going about "saving" Spinelli in the most wrong and annoying manner as possible.  She was downright cruel to Spinelli and rude to Brenda.  I HATE how Spinelli is acting around/towards Brenda (it is embarrassing), but Brenda did not ask him to act that way and she is not taking advantage of him in any way.  Is she supposed to be rude to him?

How long are we going to have to watch Luke apologize and run after Tracy?  We were watching the same scenes before his vacation and now we are back to the same scenes.  It would be different if the dialogue was any different, but it is the same thing every time they are together.  Don't get me wrong, I love Luke and Tracy together.  It's time for something different.

Did Robin really have to make an announcement to everyone when everyone already knew what was going on?

We already have one crazy woman scorned (Lisa) and now we have Claire.  Way to shake things up, TIIC.

I don't follow Jason's reasoning for bringing Brenda back to PC.  Is luring this violent "Balken" to PC really the best thing to do?  Bringing more violence and danger to Port Charles where all the people Jason loves reside doesn't seem like the best idea to me.

Lastly (for now), Brenda.  She, herself, is fine.  Carly should be the only one with a problem, not Maxie, Sam and probably soon to be Lulu.  Others are making her out to be this goddess like creature that no man can resist or ever forget.  She is the topic of pretty much every conversation in every scene.  I was so relieved to see Elizabeth because my first thought was "I know she is not going to be talking about Brenda."  This Brenda over-kill is way too much.  This whole show is Brenda, Brenda, Brenda.  I know many people are going to say that they love Brenda and would prefer that the show was about her instead of the others the show has been about, and that's fine.  Obviously we have our own opinions.  However, for me, there has never been the kind of propping for any character that they are doing for Brenda and it is making me resentful towards this character.