As written by GHH member, flacaa6

The thing I adore about Dante Falconeri is his sense of honor.  The very first glimpse we saw of this storyline [involving Brenda] was when he was in a drugged state [due to Brook Lynn] and blurted, “we promised not to tell”, to Lulu. For me that was the first indication of his inner turmoil over what he silently carried for three years. Nothing EASY about it at all. In today’s flashback [11/9] he said, “I’ll make this okay, I promise”. There was that word, “promise”, that he will uphold at all costs. There was no way to uphold that promise and, unfortunately, be completely truthful about it’s facts. That would have to be Brenda’s call.

However, it still hurt my heart watching Lulu walk around the loft trying to come to grips with the evidence that Dante had lied by omission in not telling her of his past association with Ms. Barrett. It got to me that as she was about to confront him, he was asking about her day, brushing her hair away from her face and lovingly rubbing her back. But he didn’t hem and haw, he immediately told her when the assignment took place. For me, the grimace on his face was telling before he lept into covering for his lie of omission.  I don't really believe it was “easy”; I think he was girding himself. In my opinion, Lulu’s face as he hugged her seemed to say,‘something’s coming’.

I sincerely believe, without knowing the entire truth, that he has to be protecting his love [Lulu]. Once again, Dante is trying to do something right no matter the cost. Dominic Zampragno is portraying Dante as a well rounded three dimensional character with his massive talent: as in real life, [Dante is] a human being with flaws which should be shown. It would be unrealistic to say He Never Does Wrong. I couldn’t really click with a character who was completely flawless.