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Browsing Archive: September, 2011


Posted by on Tuesday, September 27, 2011,
As written by GHH member TVAcademic

So I gather yesterday was the day that ABC tossed aside decades of soap history and replaced it with a rag-tag crew of people talking about things that 20 other shows are already talking about. Of course, it's about the money, not the conversation, and ABC will save tons of it even if this foray into boredom is a relative failure.

But I hope it's a complete failure--the kind that makes the suits (mostly men) reevaluate their choices.

Soaps ain't Shakespeare. W...
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Posted by on Tuesday, September 27, 2011,
As written by GHH Member TVAcademic

One change that [new headwriter] Garin Wolfe has made to GH (perhaps "change back" is more accurate) is a conscious effort to throw the characters into a different mix. Sometimes, this can merely yield a passing phase; other times, it's alchemy.

I'm not sure what came first--chicken or egg. Did GW plan to draw out a friendship between Matt and Elizabeth from a story standpoint, or did he throw them on screen together a few times and find that they had chemist...
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Posted by on Sunday, September 11, 2011,
As written by GHH member, genhos63

It has been a few weeks with a new head writer and I decided it was time to comment from an agenda-free point of view.  I don't root for any couple in particular.

First, Alan Q looked fabulous, healthier and younger, Obviously, Stuart Damon has taken some time to concentrate on himself and his family, I wish he could come back full time.

I was thinking that one of the reasons couples have come and gone so quickly in the past few years was because stories were ...
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