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Browsing Archive: February, 2011


Posted by on Tuesday, February 8, 2011,
As written by GHH member, TVacademic

There's this underlying message that does not sit [well] with me... It's the "saving" of Abby.  First, there's the set up: as a stripper, she, of course, hates her job and has low self-worth.  These elements are not fully troubling (though suspect) on their own, but are then further blurred by the question of prostitution--does she or does she not sell herself for sex, and should we or should we not equate these two things?  Even the presumption that prosti...
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Posted by on Tuesday, February 1, 2011,
As written by GHH member, genhos63

What a well balanced show today.  First we get a defining moment for Lucky and Siobhan, then Jax and Carly confront their marriage, Jason and Michael connect over the rape and Brenda talks to Dante about the baby.  Four stories, four relationships all moving ahead and getting quality scenes with the actors really bringing their A game.

I know that this can't happen every day but when it does General Hospital is riveting.  No explosions, no gun battles, just pe...
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