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Posted by on Wednesday, November 10, 2010,
As written by GHH member, flacaa6

The thing I adore about Dante Falconeri is his sense of honor.  The very first glimpse we saw of this storyline [involving Brenda] was when he was in a drugged state [due to Brook Lynn] and blurted, “we promised not to tell”, to Lulu. For me that was the first indication of his inner turmoil over what he silently carried for three years. Nothing EASY about it at all. In today’s flashback [11/9] he said, “I’ll make this okay, I promise”. There was t...
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Posted by on Monday, November 8, 2010,
As written by GHH member, Aster

I see alot of rants about Guza and his story/writing.  I have to say I am enjoying this [Balkan] story quite a bit.  It has lots of twists and turns plus everyone is involved in different/unexpected ways.  From what we see in the spoilers [without getting specific] the revelation of the secrets will affect pretty much all of our couples from the obvious Sonny/Brenda/Claire and Dante/Lulu to less obvious Jason/Sam, Jax/Carly, Lucky/Liz/Irish lass and (I think) Pa...
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Posted by on Thursday, November 4, 2010,
As written by GHH member, genhos63

Brenda goes to visit Edward, that is wonderful, she talks about Lila which is sweet, but let's get real here, Alan died in 2008, AJ in 2005 and Lila in 2004, so why no mention of them?  Brenda loved Alan and AJ, she certainly knows they are dead and their deaths are more recent, so the scene was disrespectful to the Quartermaine history on GH.  Why wasn't Edward talking about Brook Lynn so Brenda will know she's in town and maybe go see her-- but no!!  ...
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