As written by GHH member mom200608

One thing that’s been driven home for me by the amazing 50th anniversary episode this week, and probably all of the 50th hoopla, is that General Hospital is a show that has woven together 50 years’ worth of rich stories about fictional characters in a fictional town in Upstate New York.  It’s not about whether Amber Tamblyn or Natalia Livingston was the Emily that returned from the afterlife in the anniversary episode, just like it’s not about who portrayed Edward over the years… or Carly… or Lucky… or Maxie… or yes, my Lante-loving friends, even who portrays Lulu.  It’s about the amazing (and sometimes not so amazing I admit!) stories that blend them all together.

I’m enjoying all of it right now, but just like everyone, I have my favorites.  While I’m looking forward to the Nurses’ Ball, I’m most excited at the moment about Luke and Laura’s confrontations with Helena (is she really dead?) and the Spencer/Cassadine curse revisit.  I want to know what Helena did to Dante… and where she’s hiding Lulu (assuming she is).  I want to see Dante rescue his wife and where the story goes from there.  No, it doesn’t matter to me that said wife will have a different face.  I love Julie Marie Berman and will miss her and wish her all the best, but I’m focused on the story, the Lante love story that I’ve always enjoyed so much, and I’m anxious to see more… babies, angst, whatever.  I just love the story.

And I know other people are looking forward to different things… like the fallout with Sonny and Carly from the announcement about Brenda and Jax… or who ends up running ELQ… will Patrick ever find out that Robin is alive… and on and on. We all have our favorite characters and stories… and stories is what it’s all about.

Years ago when I was little I remember playing quietly by myself for a half hour every day so my mom could watch her ‘story,’ as she called it.  As I got older and into the smart-alecky age, I’d say, “Mom, it’s not a story; it’s just a TV show.”  She told me that a soap isn’t just a TV show.  It really is a story about a lot of people and families in a town (whatever town… because she watched a different soap, and I don’t remember which one, but I know it wasn’t GH), and all about the ups and downs of their lives… lives that may be much more dramatic than yours and mine, yet ones that we spend a little time with  every day to find out what's going on.

And those wise words of my mother a long time ago reminded me that that really is what this should be all about… the story.  And thinking about that and traveling down memory lane with all the GH 50th anniversary publicity has made me realize that now more than ever.  So I’m looking forward to all of the above and everything else.

It’s been a great 50 years, General Hospital… here’s to 50 more!!