As written by GHH member genhos63

Some positive comments on the balance I am beginning to see in Port Charles. Lulu is working at the Haunted Star where Johhny is hiding out- an interesting dynamic between these characters and I enjoy seeing them together. The New Year's Eve party was fun to watch. Nina and Curtis- good chemistry, jealous Franco- fun, Nina is naive about men- also fun to watch. Curtis knowing Franco from his cop days- Curtis is a nice introduction of a new character. He is moving slowly onto the canvas in an interesting way. Andre was Jordan's NYE date- he is another intriguing character and easy on the eye.

Jason trying to figure out where he fits into his life: I am enjoying the angst, he loves Liz but is angry about the lie, he likes Sam but doesn't feel a real connection yet. He appreciates Spinelli's friendship and Robin's insight, but he doesn't want to be who he was. Maybe he can find a new balance and become a new and improved Jason. The character has the potential of moving into a new dynamic and still be Jason.

Anna and Mac investigating- so much fun to watch them put the pieces together, like the good old days on GH. Looking forward to seeing more of that. Robert staying around for a bit would be nice too, it seems like we might be building to an adventure or two. It's nice to see the vets being used in a story of their own. Jordan is a good ally and ties to the police department is nice as well.

Laura mentioned Luke. Yay! Maybe we will finally see what he wrote to his angel. I enjoy her being a voice of reason for both Lulu and Nik, if only they would listen to her. The course her children are on will not end well for either of them, and I include the son who is off canvas as well. Tracy finding herself without Luke is interesting as well. Men as characters have survived on the canvas without women partners, but this is the first time that two strong female characters are finding their way without a man tying them to the canvas. A nice turn of events.

Seeing a character working to become a cop instead of simply being a cop is interesting as well. Watching Valerie being manipulated so easily by Johnny points to her vulnerablility and continued grief at losing her mother. She is not a functioning adult and needs to be seen as the immature person that she is--and why can't Dante see that?--although Lulu is not particularly mature either. I guess Dante has a type.

Watching the Davis girls interacting is good for the viewer. Soaps are predominately a female audience and many of us want to see women supporting women. We want to see romance, love, and character development balanced with action. One of the reasons why soaps have survived for decades is because there is something for each viewer. So seeing characters working at jobs, building relationships and strong family ties, plus adventure gives something for each of us.

I am interested in so much that is going on now and I hope it continues.