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Sneak Peek:  Week of August 25th
 Maxie hits Levi where it hurts.

Sneak Peek:  Week of August 25th
Britt channels her inner Obrecht to Comfort Nathan


Sneak Peek:  Week of August 18th
How much will Nina reveal to Silas?

 Sneak Peek:  Week of August 18th
Ned asks Olivia out.

Sneak Peek Week of August 11th
Lulu Questions Maxie About Her Feelings For Nathan

Sneak Peek Week of August 11th
Silas is jealous of Sam and Patrick

 GH Promo: No Questions Left Unanswered

Sneak Peek :  Week of August 4th
Does Britt's plan to win back Nikolas work?

 Sneak Peek:  Week of August 4th
Patrick and Sam team up to prove hat Nina is fraud


According to a recent interview with head writer Ron Carlivati:

Regarding Luke...we will be getting a very big insight into why Luke is behaving this way within the next two weeks on the air.

Nina... People will say, “Well, why am I seeing this person, instead of this person?” The characters are there for a specific reason. When we add somebody new, it’s not just for the sake of adding somebody new. It is because we need them to tell the story that we are telling.

Sonny/Ava... What is going to happen, if and when, Sonny finds out Ava killed Connie? And then not only did he sleep with this woman … he helped protect this woman. He murdered AJ then for no reason, and down the line … what is this all going to do with Sonny’s relationship with Michael? Down the line this story has such giant stakes, and that is the kind of story you want to have with a character such as Sonny.

Maura West/Ava... What her performance tells me is that Maura is capable of doing anything, and so we don’t have to be afraid, but of course as a writer you are scared when you take a character down the line of taking certain actions. The response is then, “Oh! They just threw this person under the bus. Oh! They have just written this character into a corner and now they must die next week!” The challenge is; if she does this, how can she survive it? Rather than thinking, “Now we have written her into a corner and we have to write her off the show!”

Nina...  You want her to come in and make an impact and a splash, but you don’t want GH to become “The Nina Show.” We are finding that balance. I am thrilled to have Michelle and I have known her reputation. I have seen her at soap events and have seen some of her work, but I was not a regular watcher of The Young and the Restless. I would see her Emmy tapes, and I watched her web series, The Stafford Project which was so hilarious. I am excited to see more when she starts airing. Frank Valentini (executive producer, GH) told me he directed her first day on the set … other than the one day where we snuck her in to tape the one moment on the show. And after he directed her first scenes, everybody was just saying, “Oh my God! You can’t take your eyes off of her.” So, I am excited to see it play out.

Patrick...We came up with a new arc we are sending Patrick on, and it kind of grows out of the baby story.  We are not playing the Patrick and Sabrina love story. This is a story about these two weathering a crisis right now. It’s not like that now Robin’s gone, we can put these two back together.

Carly/Franco... It has been controversial to put Carly with Franco. I like that people have strong opinions, but I can share that our last focus group showed that people loved Carly and Franco. Sometimes what you see online does not represent the entire audience. We got a very positive response on our last round of research for this couple, which is comprised of many, many things, not just ten people in a room. It is a real cross-section of our audience and there are things to be learned from the research.
Maxie/Nathan... The idea was always to pair these two characters in some way. So we had her return with her guru Levi who is another polarizing character!  Levi is here as part of a story and the character is here to tell a story. Maxie is such a fun character. We put her through the ringer before she left, and to have her come back saying she has found herself. It’s not that there is anything wrong with the views she comes back with, it’s just that she is throwing herself at it whole-heartedly with a guy she does not know well. I think she was so desperate to show somebody that she changed that she was going to latch onto the first thing that came along, and that was Levi. So we are really contrasting these two guys; Levi is this hippy-dippy free-thinking guy, and Nathan is a more hard-nosed, buttoned-down, practical guy. We kind of pitted these two guys against each other with Maxie in the middle! I mean, I would be happy for people to root for Levi and Maxie... But … you can see. Draw your own conclusions when you see how this all play out.

Alexis/Julian...  They definitely are a hot couple. The trick is now: how does the mob fit into all of this? Yes, Alexis fought this and she broke up with Shawn over the mob, and if she is going to stay with Julian, can he stay in the mob? Or, can he get out? We now know he reports to Luke and he is not in control.

Source: On Air On Soaps




Lynn Herring enjoys joking around with her character's fellas in between taping.

Embedded image permalink
Finola Hughes and Ian Buchanan in coordinating duds at a fan event in February.
Gorgeous pic via @kilttrippers


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