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Sneek Peek Clip: Week of April 21st
Franco and Carlos


PROMO:  Week of April 14th
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Sneak Peek Clip of Week of April 14th
Sabrina and Patrick

Lots of preparations are underway for this year's Nurses Ball!


Sneak Peek of Week of April 7th:
Britt and Nathan


April PROMO:  Deadly Reckonings


Sneak Peek for Week of March 31st
Sonny's Fate is in Carly's Hands.



Who or What is "Luke"?


PROMO:  Week of March 24th


Head Writer Ron Carlivati in an interview with TV Guide (some excerpts)


"Sonny's done the worst thing possible. This will lead to a great story down the line: What's going to happen when Michael finds out Sonny shot A.J.?"

" that Ava and Sonny have this secret, how will it impact her relationship with Morgan? And wait until you see what happens next with Ava and Sonny. It gets even crazier."

"What will happen between Ava and Sonny if and when he finds out she killed Connie? What will he do? She will have nowhere to run!...Once we had her kill Connie all bets are off. The trick now is how do we maintain her longevity?
I'm sure that every time we have Ava do something horrible poor Maura West is wondering, 'Are they writing me into a corner they can't write me out of?'..."
"The goal is not to redeem her but to find ways to make her emotionally relatable. In a weird way, having Ava kill Connie actually frees us up. Now you really have to sit up and take notice of this woman because you know she is willing to do anything."

"It's a very messy world. To me, that's why Victor Cassadine can become head of the WSB or Obrecht can become chief of staff at the hospital. As a writer, it's so much fun to try to find the humanity in even the most awful people." 

Read the Interview in full HERE

PROMO:  Donna Mills


Lynn Herring enjoys joking around with her character's fellas in between taping.

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Finola Hughes and Ian Buchanan in coordinating duds at a fan event in February.
Gorgeous pic via @kilttrippers


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