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If you don’t want to see "General Hospital" replaced at some point in the future by "Good Afternoon America"... DO NOT WATCH "GAA" when it airs its nine week test run beginning July 9th!... BOYCOTT!!!

"GAA" begins airing in the 1pmCST/2pmEST slot beginning July 9th. It will run for 9 weeks until September 13th. On that date, "GAA" will go off the air and GH will move up an hour and take its place.

However, ABC will be keeping a close eye on the ratings for "GAA" during those 9 weeks.  If it does well, it very possibly could return and become the show that knocks General Hospital off the ABC schedule for good at some point next year.

Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that everyone boycotts "GAA" during the next 9 weeks.  Please pass this on to other boards you may visit and repeat it often. "

Make sure that GH maintains an ABC timeslot in the future:  WATCH GH Daily!
DO NOT fast forward
thru commercials via Tivo/DVR
even if you do not have a Nielsen box. (TiVo  keeps aggregate data of how many people are watching a given show. Watch it the DAY it airs, or within 3 days at the most!)   Finally, do not watch any show that airs in a former soap slot.  If your DVR/TiVO fails to record, watch GH later here:
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In case you missed it...

Below is GH's new opening sequence. Characters shown will rotate from day to day or week to week.  The sequence was shortened in order to bring you previews for the next day's show at the end of each episode.

One Steamy Kiss Deserves Another!

Jason and Liz

McBain and Sam

PROMO: Week of July 2nd

PROMO: Who's Bringing the Heat to Port Charles?

 PROMO:   Heather Webber!

Trouble for Sonny. (Richard Steinmetz) first airs on July 2nd.  He began taping the week of June 4th.  Look for his character to interact quite a bit with John McBain too.  Photo above is Steinmetz on the set with GH casting director, Mark Teschner.

 PROMO: Sexy Summer Romance

John is headed back to Llanview this month, but McBain vs. Corinthos is far from over!

PROMO:  The Switch


PROMO:  One Stormy Night

Summer Previews!

Kate:  The other shoe hasn't dropped yet. "What we are trying to do with Kate is get to the root of why Connie exists in the first place. There's always a cause for DID. What is the one incident in her life that caused all this?"

Johnny:  Is being haunted by his actions that led to the deaths of Cole and Hope. "He convinced Connie to take responsibility for it, which let him off the hook legally, but not morally." He needs to rebuild his life. "He thinks if he can try to restore Starr's life that he can make up for what he did to her."

Starr:  "She is trying to move beyond this phase of wanting revenge against Sonny so she can build something new. Will she and Michael be able to build a relationship at all?"

Todd:  Todd is less than thrilled with some of Starr's choices especially with her career.
"Todd took an instant disliking to Johnny. He doesn't want this guy taking an interest in Starr's life." Todd will "also be a wrinkle in the road to forgiveness and recovery for Johnny and Carly.

Dante/Lulu: Could a love from the past threaten their marriage?  "Dante doesn't like Johnny...Dante has been right all along because he really believed that it was Johnny who planted the gun and tried to frame Sonny. In fact, Dante is one of the few people who have been correct about the whole thing!" Unfortunately no one else knows that. "Dante hasn't given up trying to get the truth, and Johnny remains his number 1 suspect", despite Connie's confession. "Seeing that Dante is gunning for" Johnny, "he won't be too pleased at all if Lulu has anything to do with Johnny!"

Luke:  Thanks to the fact that Johnny dumped Anthony's body on the Q property, and that several people know that Tracy and Luke have discussed offing him, this complicates his relationship with Anna. "He has a certain closeness to both women that is pretty strong. You don't know quite how its going to shake out. Who will he ultimate turn to?

Kristina:  She returns with a bit of an edge. "...she wants to make her own decisions and not be controlled. She will bumped up against Sonny and Alexis."  She may also cause problems for Michael's relationship with Starr.

Molly:  We find out about her status with TJ and what those two have been up to.

Heather:  "Olivia smells a rat", regarding Maggie's demise. Will that put her in the line of fire?

The Haunted Star: It will be re-purposed and become a place where some characters are starting over.

Quote Source: Ron Carlivati/SID


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