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Who would you prefer to see Maxie with (romantically)?

The script yours truly received from GH on March 15th, signed by nearly everyone who was in that episode. (Episode aired on 2/18/15)


Who is the mystery man reflected in the teapot?


The revelations of Hayden's mother will effect the lives of many.

An unexpected twist has a big impact on Laura and Lulu's lives.

Danger, adventure, draw Kevin and Laura closer together as their quest to uncover Helena's secret continues.

Paul works to bring down Julian (and Anna?).

Nina takes a hard look at her life, will it lead to other romantic possibilities?

Someone helps Tracy, help Finn.

Valerie is pulled into the hospital mystery.

Dante and Lulu's relationship is derailed due to a new adventure.

Kristina and Aaron become business partners with the help of Sonny, but Parker could get in the way.

A secret from Jordan's past affects several relationships.
Jordan's unknowing reveal leaves TJ reeling, and pulls him closer to Curtis.

Note: Due to the previous preemption, some dates may be off a bit.

Week of June 20th

6/20  Finn's condition deteriorates.
Nina wants Franco to get naked (for Crimson).
Griffin turns down Maxie’s request; he has had enough of all things involving Nathan.
Anna Devane tells Jordan and Paul she can’t wait to hear Alexis' explanation.
Sonny Corinthos tries (and fails) to stop Nathan from arresting Alexis.
Olivia arrives at Crimson and notes Nina and Julian with their heads together.
Olivia asks Julian what is going on with him and Alexis.
Sam and Jason race to locate Nikolas as Ava and Nik's situation worsens.

6/21  It seems Alexis can't get past Julian's selfish behavior.
Liz overhears something that could be incriminating.
Michael shares his good news with Sonny and Carly.
Finn opens up to Hayden about his health issues.
Anna, Jordan and Sonny agree that Alexis is the key to bringing down Julian. 
Dillon arrives to pick Kiki up on their first official date, but they are interrupted (by Morgan).
Jason and Sam overhear something useful.
Liz comforts Franco as he pours his heart out to her.

6/22  Nina has a fantasy about Franco.
Morgan shares a secret with Kiki.
Dillon and Kiki have an awkward moment.
Nina and Maxie are perplexed by the delivery of an usual package.

6/23  Dillon helps Nina see things more clearly.
Liz and Franco's encounter leaves them both shaken.
Anna agrees to go on a blind date.
Kiki is conflicted over her feelings for Morgan and Dillon.

6/24  Diane and Alexis plan their next moves (against Julian).
Finn's presence is requested at the Quartermaine mansion.
Sabrina confides her predicament in Felix.
Sonny asks Paul and Anna for an update (Julian).
Nathan has news regarding the dagger found in Alexis' house.
Julian and Nina come to an understanding and make a deal.
Kevin discovers a clue.
Ava finds herself in a precarious situation.

The dagger that was confiscated by the PCPD has Alexis' prints all over it, thus, her arrest.

Hayden insists on staying with Finn at the Metro Court to see him through his latest bout. 

Liz and Hayden have another confrontation.

Huxley [Trent Dawson] is after Ava – specifically, the statue she has in her possession.
Margarethe [Diane Delano] appears as Huxley Lynch's assistant.

Dillon, Maxie and Nina share a laugh over the sexy items in the delivery.

Morgan is released from the psychiatric facility and goes immediately to see Kiki, realizing now that she is the one for him. He opens up to her-- but is it too late?

Nina offers Franco a friends-with-benefits arrangement. 

Troubled about Nina, Franco seeks advice from Liz.  Their conversation leads to a surprising... kiss! 
Roger Howarth (Franco) shares, “Every time there’s a different pairing, this sounds kind of weird, but it’s like Franco gets a new pair of shoes. And right now, with Liz, Franco is wearing high-tops. That’s how I’m approaching this particular pairing, like it’s spring, it’s eighth grade, and he wants to ask her out for pizza. It’s got a light touch to it, which I think is very sweet. That’s what I’m hoping [Rebecca Herbst and I] are showing and that the writers tap into.”

Anna advises Alexis that she wants her to flip on Julian. 

Julian learns about Alexis' arrest and makes a move.

Julian believes that he can fix everything and beat the charges, he still has hopes for his relationship with Alexis.  Alexis may have other plans.

Mayor Lomax weighs in on Alexis’ arrest.

Sonny confronts Julian regarding his treatment of Alexis.

Monica rips into Finn.

Sam and Jason may find themselves in danger, but Jason will rely on his skill set from his past to get the couple through what could be a life-threatening situation. Love will also play a part.
 Co-Headwriter Jean Passanante reveals in SID, “This is a step in a bigger adventure for [the couple]". 

Carly is warned to back off matters regarding Michael and Sabrina. 

Time and money are running out for Dr. Finn Hamilton.

Finn offers a disturbing diagnosis.

Ava is horrified by her own actions.

Week of June 27th

6/27  Kiki finds herself in the middle of a heated moment between Dillon and Morgan.
Kristina experiences confusing feelings about Aaron.

6/28  Maxie questions her ability to find happiness and wonders if she is cursed.

6/29  Finn learns someone is on his side, but can they be trusted?
Franco and Nina have a heart to heart.

6/30  Dr. Mayes arouses someone's interest (suspicion?)...
...For Liz at the hospital, things take a turn towards the odd with another staff member.
Franco receives an unexpected proposal.

7/1   Nathan's ex-wife, Claudette, arrives in Port Charles.
Finn receives news about his life saving medication.
Tracy and Hayden reconnect, it may change their relationship for the better.

You may vote once a day.

Who would you prefer to see Liz with (romantically)?


(And This and That...In no particular order...)

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Ingo Rademacher (Jax) returns to Port Charles!  Expect to see him on your GH screen beginning on or about Friday, July 29th. (The mystery behind Joss's kidney donor could play into his return.)

Kirsten Storms is back taping GH.  Look for her to reappear as Maxie the first week of August. Meanwhile, you are seeing Molly Burnett (ex-Melanie, DAYS) temporarily cast in the role to fill in while Storms took a leave of absence a few weeks back.

James Patrick Stuart  (AMC, Seinfeld) will be making an appearance on GH this summer, most likely around mid-July.

Anna (Finola Hughes) leaves Port Charles for California to spend time with Robin and Emma.  Her last air date is July 8th, but she will return (the actress is taking a summer vacation).

Nikolas is currently being played by Nick Stabile due to a contract dispute between GH and Tyler Christopher

Bree Williamson has been cast in the role of Claudette.
 (Expect the character to be hated...not nice!)

Lynn Herring's reappearance as Lucy Coe during the Nurses Ball was not just a drive-by. Expect her to have a story later this year.


**Items are deleted once they air, of if changes to planned storylines/scenes are made.**


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