Rumorville:  In licensing the two soaps from ABC, Prospect Park has the rights to all characters, including the three from OLTL that are currently enjoying huge success on ABC's General Hospital: Starr (Kristen Alderson), John (Michael Easton) and Todd (Roger Howarth). According to TV Guide, Prospect wants those characters back, and that has the GH brass in a tizzy. Complicating matters: The actors are under contract to ABC, so theoretically Starr, John and Todd could go away [from GH], but the actors playing them would stay with the ABC network.

"There are ongoing collaborative conversations [with Prospect Park]," says an ABC spokesperson. "We have various strategies in place depending on the outcome of these talks." How will this royal mess be resolved? It's the ultimate soap cliffhanger.

There is some speculation that Prospect Park may seek GH's help in kicking off their reboot of  OLTL.  Perhaps those characters could be used to bring some unresolved stories from OLTL to an end, or even cross-over for a time.  Valentini remains hopeful he will be able to keep the characters in the end. Time will tell.