Rumorville:  The buzz is that ABC is not just planning to cancel All My Children in the coming days but will very likely cancel One Life to Live, as well.  According to TVGuide, word is that ABC Daytime chief Brian Frons has a talk show and reality show lined up for fall — both of them much cheaper to produce than soaps — and he needs to clear the schedule. More disturbing, insiders say Frons has been extremely cavalier about all this, showing no signs of sorrow or regret about a drastic decision that will leave General Hospital as the network's only daytime soap. When contacted for comment, ABC Daytime PR chief Jori Petersen was quoted as saying, "I have no announcement, and these are just rumors that you are hearing. I am sorry to hear that they're escalating but I cannot confirm anything."

I only wish this was a tasteless April Fools joke!