Sarah Joy Brown (Claudia) mentioned that she taped a small bit with new cast member Dominic on Monday, and it went great.  Apparently everyone already loves him.  Today (Tuesday) the two actors have "tons" of material to tape together.  She also shared that the most challenging part of her job is breaking down the GIANT 160 page scripts (all out of order pages) and trying to make sense of it.  They shoot all out of order - and the scripts come in shooting form - so instead of reading the days script, they learn shooting scripts. We can only imagine how difficult it must be to keep a character's experiences in mind while taping them out of sequence  Of course, as we have seen on screen, she handles it like the pro she is!...Nancy Lee Grahn spent part of her weekend reading her scripts for this week.  She remarked that mothering a teenager is bound to give Alexis angina....eeesh!  She also saw the movie, "Up", this weekend and enjoyed it but could have done without some of the "violent" parts in a movie geared for children...Speaking of movies, Tristan Rogers saw "Night at the Museum 2" this weekend.  He deemed it to be good, but felt the first one was better...Brandon Barash (Johnny) returned from his European vacation this weekend (Amsterdam, Prague) where he had a wonderful time.  He hit the gym and went back to taping on Monday.  He reports that he loves his life!