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GH: Felicia?

Posted by ghhshirley on Saturday, February 18, 2012,
Rumorville:  On the heels of the rumor (see previous item further below) regarding Jack Wagner's (Frisco Jones) probable return to GH, comes this message from what appears to be Kristina Wagner's (Felicia Jones) facebook:

"Catacombs....two weddings....2 on screen kiddos....the Brownestone...hmmm...who are these two characters? They may be seen again on screen on a certain ABC soap soon....keep watching GH for some great returns!!!!! The old gang is making stops in Port Charles!"

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GH: Snacks for Down the Road

Posted by ghhshirley on Thursday, February 9, 2012,
Rumorville:  Heather Webber's return may tie into Jason's condition.

Ewen's connection to Helena will be revealed.

All hope for learning the identity of Sam's father is not lost.

Look for the issues between Helena and Alexis to come to a head.

Don't be surprised if the story being planned leads to the eventual demise of Helena Cassadine.

Lulu's inner Laura, and Spencer roots will make an a positive way.

An oldtime villain, maybe more than one, may rear their head. ...
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