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GH: Brenda Recast?

Posted by ghhshirley on Monday, January 10, 2011, In : General Hospital Rumors 
Rumorville:  There is a new casting call out for General Hospital that could be for a new or returning character, but the description sure sounds a lot like Brenda Barrett!  You decide, the description is just below...

The role of Grace: Caucasian, around 35 years of age. Beautiful, dynamic and glamourous. She is the daugher of a wealthy entrepeneur. She is fearless, mercurial, and a bit spoiled. It is for a contract role and they are seeking an established actresses from either daytime or pri...
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GH: Here...and Gone

Posted by ghhshirley on Tuesday, December 21, 2010, In : General Hospital Rumors 
Rumorville:  Following up on our Rumorville item of December 8th, gossip says that not only is Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo leaving GH sooner than thought, but that she is pregnant!  Her exit is said to be a mutual decision. Vanessa's likely departure coincides with the rumored story that Brenda disappears within days of her wedding to Sonny!  Brenda, the character, will not be pregnant. Take with a huge grain of salt.

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GH: Going?

Posted by ghhshirley on Wednesday, December 8, 2010, In : General Hospital Rumors 
Rumorville:  There is chatter that Vanessa Marcil (Brenda) may exit the show in a few months time... Rumors persist that both Brandon Barash (Johnny) and Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) are on their way out, although at differents points in time.

Regarding the bus accident mentioned below-- it could turn out to be a real Cliff-Hanger...

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