Rumorville:   The "M" words rule ...

Despite what it seems, A Mob rival is suspected, but it is quite possible that it's Michael who's Manning the wheel of the car that Mows down his step-Mama.
Kiefer's Mistreatment of Kristina is what leads to the Mayhem.  It looks like a Miracle for Claudia as she seems to avoid a Miscarriage, but Michael's own Mother's Maternal status could be threatened by all the worry.  Meanwhile, MadMichael's temper while on the run nearly leads to the Murder of his brother..

Dante becomes Claudia's bodyguard...and possibly more....Much More.  Meanwhile, Dante Maintains his agenda.  Also, Claudia becomes aware that Olivia is Dante's Mama.

Maxie becomes Malcontent with Olivia Meddling in the Magazine biz.

Jerry's arrivial has Jax wishing he could become a Magician and Make both Jerry and his past actions disappear, lest his Madonna learn the truth.

Might the Moody Prince finally get his Marbles back and see that Emily can only live in his Memories and not in Rebecca?  Major difference between  the woman he loved and her twin come to light and Liz is there for More than a Moment to lend a listening ear.

There's a Major game being played at the Haunted Star and a Mystery woman shows up to Make her hand. 

One Might say that Lucky Mistakes one brother for another.