Rumorville:  All three characters, and the actors who play them will remain on GH through February sweeps. It is being reported that, "Prospect Park realizes these three characters could initially help draw fans to the new One Life. There are ongoing talks between ABC and Prospect Park about the characters returning to General Hospital at some point, which could be fine with [Prospect Park] as they eventually want to go much younger with their soaps"

Word is that the actors, who remain under contract with ABC, not Prospect Park, are not thrilled with the situation. "There's no guarantee the actors will do it, but people high up on the Disney-ABC food chain want to see these shows succeed online. The network might ask them to do it as a favor."

Meanwhile, Robin Strasser (Dorian), Robert Woods (Bo), Erika Slezak (Vikki) and Jerry Verdorn (Clint) have all signed on with the new OLTL. SOD is reporting casting calls have gone out for the roles of teen parents Matthew Buchanan and Destiny Evans. A casting call for a 30-something, rugged white male named Billy could be for the role of of the gay character, Billy Douglas.