Rumorville:  Sean Donely is cured, thanks to Robin, as is Jerry.

Bobbie learns from Sam that she is Lucas' half brother.  Bobbie explains that Lucas is still in Seattle but promises to let him know he has a sister. Bobbie mentions that Lucas plans to visit Port Charles when he has a chance to get away.

Julian has some questions for Bobbie.

Still interested in reviving Deception, Lucy finds a new partner...Julian?

Will TJ pay the ultimate price for Shawn's career when Julian's hit goes wrong?

Robin suggests to Maxie that some time at a retreat may be in order to heal her spirit and heart.

Is it possible that there was a connection between Julian and Faison--and Jason's death?  If so, how will Sam react, and furthermore, how will she react if she learns what Silas did for the Jeromes while in medical school?

Stefan Cassadine is still expected to return, although we may have to wait longer than first reported.