Rumorville: finally looks like it is happening.

A sweet teenager (btw 14 and 17 years of age) is being cast. She will be wanting to get to know her family. (Could this be the long-awaited Kailey Cassadine? On the other hand, Liz's family is said to be growing, so who knows.)

Both of Lucy's daughters (Christina and Serena) appear to be finally on their way, based on casting call information and the character descriptions.

One of Lucy's daughter's, most likely Christina, will have, or will develop, a connection to a young bad boy teen who arrives in Port Charles.

Two other casting calls: one for a late 27 year old to 30 year old male (brunette or blonde) who is said to be quirky and fun. Apparently, GH is looking for a known actor for this role. (Possibly to play Dillon Quartermaine?)
The other role is for a female of around the same age who is spoiled and mischievous with an excellent singing voice.
(Possibly Brooklyn Ashton?)