Karen Harris  (former GH writer, let go by GH in 2010, friend of Bob Guza), "I walked the picket lines with a whole bunch of terrific writers. Garin [Wolf] quit the WGA [Writer's Guild of America] so he could scab. This is his reward. I'm sad, because there are others there who are better writers and deserve it more." 

Brenda Lunsford Lilly  (former TV Writer, but not for GH),  "For you fans who don't understand the politics of this -his crossing the picket line against his co- writers is the equivalent of someone selling tainted baby formula to an orphanage."

Ilona Saari  (former TV writer, but not for GH)  "The problem with Garin, is that he betrayed his fellow GH writers who were out there picketing. Frons rewarded him because he stayed loyal to ABC and not his colleagues. Guza was a lot of things and he botched Vanessa Marcil's return big-time - but he also did some amazing work...yeah, he deserved to be fired... but Wolf being rewarded for betraying his fellow writers is not a good thing."

Patrick Mulcahey  (former GH writer, left in 1999-disgruntled, close friend of Bob Guza) His initial reaction to learning the news, "WHAT???" Then, "Bob will be fine. He knows how to run a show, he knows how to work with other writers without stifling them, he knows what good writing is. The person to feel sorry for is Garin. ABC's behavior all but sky-writes in capital letters that he's been selected to drive the show off the air, at no doubt a considerable saving to the budget -- all the while being greeted by fans and propped up by management as the show's Salvation. It's a very cruel position to be in. Nobody needs to ask me how I know."

Karen Harris, "I think you'll discover Garin is a fan of very dark storytelling. More so than Bob."

*See our News page for the official announcement of ABC declining to renew Guza's contract.