Rumorville:  Michael Logan of TV Guide tweeted regarding Roger Howarth's character:  "Hot Question of the Day- Is Roger Howarth returning to GH as someone we already know?  All I can say is that, when I heard, it made my jaw drop. It's either crazy or brilliant, or knowing [Ron Carlivati] BOTH!"

Regarding Michael Easton's character, Logan said:  "Right now I can only say that, relatively speaking, it's a fascinating choice."

Note of interest:  Roger Howarth and Robin Mattson (Heather) taped some scenes together.

We all know that Heather Webber has been locked up in mental hospitals over the years, did you know that Olivia Jerome was too?

Wild and Crazy Stuff:

There is no real person by the name of Alejandro Jerome. 

Roger Howarth is the "real Franco" (possibly real twin? Who knows?). 

Michael Easton appears to be a Clay, relative to Rafe, who is also involved with Ava Jerome. 

At first it will seem that Easton's character is just a concerned relative until his real agenda with Ava is revealed.
Kristen Alderson plays Ava Jerome's daughter, and Morgan's girlfriend (and possibly "Lauren Frank"?)