Rumorville:  Please take all below with a grain of salt:

 Sam does her best to comfort Emma after Duke's death.

Ned and Olivia are presumed dead after their plane goes down. Supposedly this happens after Sam tells Julian that Olivia is carrying his child...and after Ned and Olivia wed?  (This could tie into GH's live episodes airing in mid-May.)

Ric makes a new alliance in the aftermath of a reveal and fall out, with revenge on his mind, with someone else who has trust issues. A different kind of MOC.

Jake, who discovers that Nikolas knows he is really Jason, wonders about Nik's motivation for keeping it secret.

Rumors continue that we will soon see Serena back on the GH canvas (Serena is the bio daughter of Scott Baldwin and his wife, Dominique, who died before Lucy, their surrogate, gave birth to her). Scott, Lucy, and Kevin were all involved with her upbringing.

Like everything in Rumorville...believe it..,or not!