Rumorville:  Word is that Sam will have a medically complicated pregnancy.

The Franco/Jason/Sam storyline should be resolved very soon.

After the tragedy surrounding Abby, Michael loses it.  Supposedly, this will give (NU)Kristina the impetus to return to Port Charles.

Look for Liz and Matt to grow closer still.  It doesn't appear that Ewen will be a romantic option for Liz at this time.

Liz will be there for Patrick when he needs a friend.

Ewen will be part of Lulu and Dante's story, among others.

Its possible we will see Morgan pop up again later this winter.

Things are looking more positive for Nathan Parsons (Ethan) to stick around for the long haul to play out his story with the Lady in White, which is said to be continuing under the new team.

Wyndemere may become even MORE occupied.

Look for (new headwriter) Ron Carvilati's material to begin airing in time for February Sweeps.