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GH: Victor, Jr., is snatched!

Posted by ghhshirley on Tuesday, August 7, 2012
Rumorville: Heather leaves FernCliff and heads straight to Llanview where she seeks out Tea Delgado's expertise as an attorney.  Heather tells Tea she owes her for saving "Victor Jr" .  Apparently, Tea refuses, so Heather decides to snatch "Victor Jr." to force Tea to help her.

Tea contacts John McBain for help, who soon realizes the woman that saved Tea's baby is Heather Webber and that both Tea's baby and Sam's baby were in the shed with Heather the night Sam gave birth!

Todd panics but stops short of confessing to Carly.

John and Sam are soon on the trail of Heather Webber.

Trey convinces Kristina to marry him.  Believing that Alexis will not support her decision, Kristina opts to take Trey up on his offer to elope to Atlantic City.

Starr realizes that Trey has sinister motives where Kristina is concerned and shares her fears with Michael.

Kate accepts Sonny's marriage proposal infuriating Connie. Still unaware that she is not completely integrated, Kate begins to plan a huge ceremony.

Olivia meets Connie, and Olivia keeps Connie's secrets.

Jerry Jacks and Joe Jr. strike a deal.  Joe Jr. wants maximum damage done to Sonny's organization and family. He seeks out Tracy for help in the financial realm.  Joe Jr. manages to get his hands on part of Sonny and Jason's financial holdings.

Sonny considers retirement at the wrong moment.

Anna and Luke head to Switzerland. They don't find Robin, but they run into a bigger problem that puts both their lives in jeopardy.  A past love pops up overseas, royally complicating matters.

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