Rumorville;  Some interesting rumors floating around, both good, bad and middling.  Alexis' story which she hinted about, further below, may be pushed back yet again, to February. Seems Nancy Lee Grahn is none too happy about it either.

Jason is about to go through a very difficult period, and he will have to do it alone. He will not have Sam, Sonny, Carly or Spinelli around for support.

Jerry leaves a path of destruction in his path.  He will interact with Sam, Brenda, Dante, Robin and Patrick, and of course, Jax, who has to deal with much of the fall out.

A very stressful situation may lead Brenda and Jax to make love. It will be kept from Carly, at least for now.

Lucky dons his hero cape.

Dante may find himself on the outs thanks to Carly, Jerry and Brenda.