Rumorville:  Nikolas and Liz break up a fight between Spencer and Cameron (regarding Joss and Emma, of course). This is when they learn that Britt and Spencer plotted his running away in order to help Britt get back together with Nikolas. Oops!

Liz remains focused on her new patient (Jason), both in and out of the hospital.

Jerry Jacks is indebted to the Jeromes, which puts him in a quandry.

Nikolas will be looking for revenge.

Silas finds himself increasingly jealous of Sam and Patrick. Looks like Patrick and Sam decide to take their relationship to the next level. Eventually, Silas learns that Sam's warnings about Nina were on target.

Sonny is haunted by guilt.

Jason takes a disliking to Sonny.

Jason enters art therapy with Franco and while there he "meets" Carly and the two strike up a friendship.

Bits and pieces of memories return to Jason, involving Sam.

Complications ahead for Jordan and Shawn. TJ's father makes a shocking return. He is far from over Jordan.

Alexis is confronted with more trouble when Molly and Ric team up against Julian (and Alexis).

Looks like Jax will be making a return for a bit.

Further down the road, Nina will be "redeemed".