Rumorville:  Wild and Crazy rumor... Could Lucky and Ethan have played a trick on their father (and Laura) for "his own good" and to boost Luke's battered ego somehow?  That seems unlikely,and Holly is certainly unaware of it. Could another Smith be in cahoots with Luke's two sons? Some say it is Frank Smith's grandson. We'll see. Grain of salt.

Dante is not the only one who has sex outside the bonds of marriage. Looks like Lulu and Dillon will too at some point.

There is a possibility that a recast Kristina (Alexis' daughter with Sonny) will return late summer/early fall. 

Someone else may learn of Jake's true identity around the time of Sonny and Carly's wedding. Don't expect it to come out to all at that time.

Johnny Zacharra could make another appearance.