Rumorville:  Paul Hornsby is trouble with a capital "T".

We already know that Dillon is Paul's son, but could Paul's other child show up in Port Charles?

Holly asks Luke for an unusual favor.

As mentioned previously, it seems more and more likely that a Smith is involved with Lucky and Ethan's disappearance. 

Does Lucky know something that might impact others in Port Charles?

Constance Towers (Helena) may have taped an episode (related to Nikolas and/or Lulu).

Dante confides in Nathan regarding his tryst with Valerie in the second half of July.

Michael and Sabrina discuss his plans for the clinic again.

Tracy, in her own way, releases Luke of any obligation towards her.

Don't expect Luke's exit to end in an outright death, it looks to be more of a journey in search of himself. (It is even possible that we may see Laura Wright re-enact her short-term role as Luke's mother before this happens.)

There are persistent rumors that Liz and Jason's son, Jake, is alive. 

It looks like they may be casting for a recurring role of someone to play Jenny Eckert Hornsby (Jenny was Luke's cousin, sister of Bill Eckert, and Paul's wife the last time we saw them).