Rumorville:  Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio) has been placed on recurring with the Y&R. Speculation abounds that he might make a return to GH in late fall.

It looks like we can expect to see the return of Anna Devane by Labor Day, and when she does she will dive head first into the election rigging involving Mayor Lomax... and Nikolas.

Anna's relationship with Kyle Sloane is likely to be cut short when she discovers his part in the election scam. Sources say to expect him to possibly exit by he end of September/early October.

Some folks who attended the GH Fan Club Weekend report that GH's Executive Producer, Frank Valentini, is trying to bring back Carlos Rivera, played by Jeffrey Vincent Parise. (Other completely separate sources say this would not be a back from the dead story, supposedly he was never really dead).

There will be a trial in the Silas Clay murder case during which Denise is outed as Ava.

There is an arrest in Ric Lansing's future (his own).

Some say to expect another Donna Mills (Madeline) exit from GH.

There is a possibility that Patrick will find out from Hayden that Jake is Jason.  If so, expect him to keep what he knows from Sam. (Will he eventually tell Anna?)

Who are the Brad Cooper's biological family members that we might meet?
Mr. Wu - Head of a mob organization (Brad's biological great-grandfather)
Kim Wu - Mr. Wu's grandson (apparently this is Brad's biological father)
Jade Soong - Mr. Wu's granddaughter, Kim's sister (Brad's biological aunt). 
Yank Se Chung - Jade Soong's husband

Believe it...or not!