Rumorville:  Dr. Obrecht was telling the truth to Luke and Holly: She wasn't able to cure Jerry. All she was able to do was slow down his illness to a crawl, but he's still slowly approaching his demise.

Jerry has spent the past nine months forcing Robin to experiment on his blood and also work with Obrecht's serum to develop a cure for his condition.

Robin has finally developed a serum that she believes will cure Jerry of his illness, but Jerry isn't too trusting of Robin, and instead has Obrecht move Robert to General Hospital, and has her test the serum on Robert to make sure it's not poison.

The serum shocks Robert awake from his coma, and he reveals to Anna and Patrick that Robin is alive and in the hands of Obrecht!

Faison reappears around this time, and his role in all of this is set to play out.