Rumorville:  Don't expect Joe Scully to stay in jail for long.  It won't be long before he makes his moves on Sonny's territory.  Anna warns Sonny that if Scully ends up dead, Sonny will be the number one suspect.

Despite Dr. Keenan's reassurances that Kate's personalities are fully integrated, Sonny begins to have his doubts.

Anna realizes she is too close to the Anthony Zacharra murder investigation (regarding the conflict of interest, i.e., Luke).

Anna asks John McBain to lend a hand in the Anthony Z. case.

McBain's spidey-senses kick in and he becomes curious about the connections between Todd/Heather/Sam. 

Todd senses that McBain is about to learn the truth and decides that he has to be the one to tell Téa first, but not before leaving a message (a confession?) for Sam.  Needless to say, Téa freaks and disappears with Sam's son just before John and Sam arrive in Llanview.

John and Sam take off in search of  Téa  and baby.

Before Heather leaves town she will give Anna reason to believe that Robin is still alive.