Rumorville: Jason gets upset that Sam is following up on Franco's DVD. After telling her to leave it to him, she takes off to NYC where she speaks with the nurse who delivered baby boy Moore. This will lead Sam to Ferncliff and to Heather Webber, where Jason follows her.

Liz helps Ewen with his patient by keeping Johnny away from "Connie."

Johnny remains conflicted about using "Connie" to pay Sonny back because of his growing attraction to Carly. Johnny is even more torn when Carly admits she wants to see where she and Johnny could go, despite the warnings from those around her.

Maxie breaks down at Robin's funeral and claims she is the reason Robin is dead. Brushing it aside as her guilt and grief, Matt attempts to talk her down. Maxie then confesses to murdering Lisa Niles while Matt continues to have disturbing flashbacks of the night of Lisa's death.

Tracy is aggravated by Luke and Anna's close quarters.

When Anthony re-emerges, he stakes his claim on his wife and his position as the "new head" of the Quartermaine household.

McBain worked with Anna in the past.

McBain plans to take Jason down, along with Sonny and his organization.

Sam sees McBain as a threat. McBain sees Sam as a way to get to Sonny.
Meanwhile, the pregnant Sam is in danger.

While trying to keep Sonny from going to prison for the deaths of Cole and Hope, Alexis begins to worry about McBain's true intentions towards Sam.

Alexis manages to get Maxie to reveal her scheme with Anthony in the case of Lisa Niles' murder. The information leads Alexis, Mac, Maxie and Matt down a dangerous path.