Rumorville: It looks like Paul has not left his cartel history behind him after all.  Ava will be drawn back into the mob.

Paul wants Ava to say that Carlos is still alive and that Carlos was being Sonny's shooting. Chances are good that Paul was actually the one responsible and that he will soon dispense with Kyle Sloane as well.

Maxie and Dillon grow closer, MUCH closer. The messy geometry concerning Valerie, Dante, Lulu, Dillon, Maxie and Nathan continues.

Michael and Sabrina learn they are having a baby.

Lulu goes in for a doctor's appointment. 

Looks like the Valerie pregnant rumors may not pan out but there will be some story line related to the issue.

In spite of her lack of screen time, Leslie Charleson (Monica) is not headed for the door. Supposedly, this Christmas will be a special time for the Quartermaines.  She is expected to return to the screen towards the end of October.