Rumorville:  Despite her confession, Maxie didn't kill Lisa.

Matt has a flashback of pushing Lisa over the side of the yacht by accident.
Matt will keeps this to himself while at the same time he is trying to support Maxie.

Mac enlists Alexis to represent Maxie's interests which brings the two closer.
Mac cannot bear to lose his last daughter.

Spinelli eventually solves the mystery of Lisa's death.
Maxie will be less than pleased.

Jason is upset with Sam for keeping Robin's death from him, for making choices for him.
Spinelli comes to Sam's defense.

Later on at the bridge, Jason asks Robin and Jake to take care of each other.

Spinelli will begin to sense that something is "off" with Jason.

Spinelli will see himself as a self-appointed protector of family and children.

Expect to see more Quartermaine, than Corinthos, in Michael as he grows closer to Starr.

Spinelli updates Sam and Jason on what he has discovered about the DVD's origins shortly before Heather Webber makes her first appearance.

Keep in mind that there are only a few things that have ever motivated Heather Webber: vengeance, greed, and on occasion- insanity. One other thing--she has a pattern of using babies and children to get what she wants.