Rumorville:  Olivia's shooting causes a major rift between Dante and Sonny, and Alexis and Shawn.

AJ and Carly do the nasty again.

What is Ava is hiding?

Kiki needs Felix's help.

Alexis and Anna come face to face with someone from their past.

Danny needs a donor match, and all the Quartermaines and Cassadines will be tested.

Sam's biofather is revealed.

With Franco wanting in on ELQ, Tracy feels she must team up with him, as well as Kiki and Ava.

Franco makes inroads with Kiki, she soon believes that he is a changed man.

There's more than meets the eye to Anna's new houseguest.

Nikolas and Scott help Laura and Lucy get their business venture off to a start.

Athough Serena is close with Lucy, Christina develops a closeness with Laura.

Lucy's daughters want to get involved in her new business.

Lucy hopes Christina develops a friendship with Molly.

We learn the baby Maxie is carrying is a girl.

Spin grows suspicious regarding Maxie's baby.

Ellie gets dangerously close to a secret.