Rumorville:  As mentioned previously in Rumorville, Nina's plan for revenge against Ava will be to make her lose her pregnancy.

Ava receives an order from Fluke (probably to prove her loyalty), and its a doozy. Will she go through with it?

Worried about Carly's apparently growing feelings for Sonny, Franco decides to hand over the incriminating evidence against Sonny to Ava.

Ned calls Skye and Julia Barrett (regarding ELQ and Fluke).

Kevin meets a new woman and Lucy sees "red".

Lucy gets a new partner in crime, so to speak.

Kiki may not be too happy about Morgan's growing relationship with Rosalie.

Victor's position as the head of the WSB may not be as secure as he thought. Anna is contacted by agent/s in the WSB seeking her help to get rid of Victor. (It appears they are sent by Frisco and Sean Donely.)

Apparently, we won't see Jason's face until he has another accident, is bandaged up and later revealed with a new face (Billy Miller's) as a result. It is possible this accident will occur as a result of Robin and Jason fleeing from Victor.  As with his previous life-changing accident, Jason will once again have amnesia, etc..

Stavros may be  the first of the three from the clinic (Jason, Helena are the other two) to return in September. Looks like Stavros will interact early on with Lulu.

Sam gets the surprise of her life.

A new arrival shocks Jordan and Shawn.