Rumorville:  Don't expect to see the Spencers at the Nurse's Ball as they will be occupied by other events. Lulu is kidnapped for a short time, and Maxie, believing Lulu to be dead and not wanting Dante to be a single father, confesses that the baby is not his and Lulu's.

Jax will discover that Jerry has Robin.

Jerry's return may cause problems for Alexis and Shawn.

Expect to see AJ and Liz's relationship burgeoning romance to grow.
Carly and AJ will continue to spar. 

Brenda makes an appearance, but supposedly, she will not be in Port Charles when we first see her. Whether she appears later in Port Charles remains to be seen.

Patrick is the first one to see Robin when she returns to Port Charles, outside, much like how Luke spotted Laura when she first escaped from Cassadine Island.

Nikolas' coming to the rescue of the Nurse's Ball makes a big impression on Sabrina. 

Britt may be getting a new man in her life, one not yet on the show.

Alan, Edward, Lila and Emily will appear, but more along the lines of how Edward "appeared" on his death bed and on Thanksgiving.

Sam will be occupied by the storyline involving her father, as well as with the mystery involving the Quartermaine heir.

Supposedly, when Sam's father hits town, he is there to see Alexis, knowing nothing about Sam's existence. He is drawn to town by Molly's book which seems to parallel his relationship with Alexis.

Todd and Starr will leave Llanview together after receiving a call about a loved one.