Rumorville:  Jason is told by Anna that Sam's baby is alive.

Anna questions Jason about what was going on in Robin's life before she "died". She is following up on what Heather told her.
(See previous Rumorville item).

Jason realizes his marriage is over and he turns to Liz. They will end up making love (possibly in September), as do Sam and John.

A devastated Tea eventually turns the baby over to John and Sam.  All four return to Port Charles.

Todd announces to all that Jason is really the baby's father. Jaw drop for the mix-matched foursome of Liz/Jason/Sam/McBain.
Now what?

It is possible that Robin is being held captive because she discovered that Ewan and a few others were running mind control experiments out of Ferncliffe (where Robin may be being held right now).

Ewan, Helena, Grant Putnam and possibly Irene Manning (an OLTL character) are supposedly involved in the story (and perhaps one or two others, Jerry Jacks?) involving Mind Control experiments.
It is also possible that Johnny is a victim of that mind control as well, which would explain some of his recent actions.

Jason may believe that Sam and baby are better off without him.

As with everything in Rumorville, take with a heaping spoonful of salt!